You Can Do It. Spot and Stop Bullying and Hazing.

Sep 26, 2019 9:24:00 AM / by Garland Allen posted in coaches, athletes, parents, personal coach



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Kids see and experience bullying and, too often, never mention it to the adults in their life for many reasons. To create a culture that does not tolerate bullying, you need to teach your team members how to identify this toxic behavior and know how to stop it.

Whether you’re a coach or a parent, you should be prepared to recognize and respond to one of the most common forms of negative behavior associated with sports teams: bullying. Bullying is an issue in every part of our kids’ lives — from the locker rooms to home rooms to social media. And statistics show that more than half the time, kids don’t tell adults about bullying situations. 

So, how can we help stop something when we don’t even know is happening?

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This Time, It’s Personal: Is Private Instruction a Good Choice for Your Sport Specialized Child?

Aug 29, 2019 7:11:33 PM / by Wayne G. McDonnell, Jr., M.B.A. posted in Insider, coaches, athletic directors, athletes, parents, personal coach, personal trainer


Highlight reel:  Some personal coaches are exceptional in every sense of the word, but some are toxic and untrained. Keeping the right perspective and setting realistic expectations are critical when choosing the right instruction. Follow these tips to find the person or group who will enhance -- not destroy -- your child's love of a sport.

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